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Advisory Services

Blumenfeld Woznica & Co.'s experience and knowledge of the business environment is a value add for our clients. Due to our strong relationships and understanding of the market, we are the first advisors that our clients turn to in order to ensure the continued growth for their businesses.

Management Advisory

The successful growth of your small and mid-sized business did not occur overnight. Business growth requires constant reviews and updates to the original growth plans. Our team can prepare you with a suite of management advisory services, helping you take your company to the next level. Whether it's advisory on business projections/analyses, capital financing, cost management or cash flow forecasts, the success of your company is our priority.

Business Sale and Succession

Appropriate planning and strategies are necessary for the successful implementation of business sales or changes in management. Our clients can relax in knowing that with the appropriate due diligence and analyses, our team is here to facilitate a seamless transition and maximization of the transaction value.

Accounting Systems

Maintenance of your accounting systems, while ensuring their accuracy and validity, is fundamental to the accounting process. Clients seeking advice on the implementation and operating efficiencies of their accounting processes will turn to our firm, due to our detailed knowledge of their business. Areas typically include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, internal control etc.

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