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Your Professional Services Team

The Blumenfeld Woznica & Co. team utilizes their decades of experience in professional services, in order to help you navigate through your current tax, accounting and other financial reporting needs, in order to create the best strategies for your future financial objectives. Partner with a team that will provide you with value-add services.

We view ourselves as partners to the success of our clients and aim to facilitate growth by ensuring that clients have access to required advice, in a timely and supportive manner. Serving the diverse Toronto market, whether your preferred language is English, Cantonese, Hebrew, Mandarin and/or Russian, we are here for you.



Construction / Contracting




Real Estate



Select industries in which the Blumenfeld Woznica & Co. team has gained market expertise include the following:

  • Condominiums

Your condo corporation's unit owners require assurance in the corporation's annual financial statements. Our experience across residential, commercial, multi-use and shared-facilities condominium corporations will help you navigate the multi-fund accounting and taxation regulations associated with your condominium corporation.

  • Emerging Technologies

Whether you are an early stage startup or an established mid-sized company, we understand how companies must quickly adapt to external technological advances. Similarly, your business needs to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment. With experience in life science, software, internet, semiconductor and networking industries, our clients rely on us to ensure that they are in compliance with all accounting and tax guidelines. They rely on us to focus on the financial reporting, so they can focus on market growth.

  • Professional Practices

As a small and entrepreneurial professional practice, we understand the amount of work you put into the success of your business​. Medical doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, lawyers, investment advisors, consultants, insurance agencies are only a few of the many professional practices that have turned to us as they grew from solo practices into larger group practices and corporations. They turn to our team's expert advice to preserve and grow their wealth, as they navigate family tax and retirement strategies.

  • Investments

Proper accounting and taxation of your investments makes a big impact on your return-on-investment. Our team has advised clients with equity, debt and real estate investments through all types of market conditions and investment regulatory environments. We work with you to ensure that your investment goals are achieved.

  • Manufacturing and Services

The manufacturing and services industries must be prepared with expert and updated knowledge in order to succeed in today's competitive environment. Financial reporting, tax compliance, market knowledge are just some of the areas clients seek our advice. Our team partners with clients who have local, national and international operations, enabling them with ability to grow their markets.  

Areas of Expertise:
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