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Medical Practice Services

Whether a recent graduate or working in the industry for decades, you work for the best health outcomes for your patients. Similarly, as a healthcare provider, you need to ensure the best financial health for your professional career. That includes making sure you don't overpay in taxes. This is why our medical practice clients come to medical industry financial experts, with over 30 years in the business: so they can relax in the trust they gain from the accounting/tax and advisory services they deserve.

Select Client Services

   •  Wealth management advisory

   •  Tax planning

   •  Year-end tax reporting and remittance filing

   •  Financial budgeting, reporting​ and analysis

   •  Management consulting and support

   •  Practice management

   •  Internal control assessments​

Blumenfeld Woznica & Co. works with medical practices of all types and sizes. Whether you are a solo practitioner in Toronto, part of a partnership, small business or a large established practice throughout Ontario or Canada, your unique business situation needs tailored solutions, in order to grow into the leading medical practice you have in mind. 

Select Practice Types

   •  Physicians

   •  Dentists

   •  Ophthalmologists

   •  Optometrists

   •  Psychiatrists

   •  Veterinarians

   •  Care facilities

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